Become Affiliate


Deciding to invest in a franchise is a life changing decision and requires extensive thought, research and consideration before you take the plunge. There’s an array of benefits to joining a franchise, making it a popular decision with people who decide to set up their own business.

Our Franchise program varients:

  • MFBL (Micro Franchise Business Level)
  • SFBL (Small Franchise Business Level)
  • MFBL (Medium Franchise Business Level)
  • BFBL (Big Franchise Business Level)


As a franchisor, we spend a considerable amount of time in the initial stages of working out the territory that will work best, taking demographics and geography into consideration to ensure a new territory is occupied by the franchise’s typical customer base. With the onset of the pandemic, more and more people are flocking to franchise opportunities to pick up. Consider Pictor Franchise Program as the biggest growth opportunity.


  • Business Assistance, Hand Holding
  • Brand Recognition
  • Lower Failure Rate
  • Buying Power
  • Profit Sharing, Perks & Incentives
  • Lower Risk & Higher Returns
  • Built-in Customer Base
  • Strategic Business Location
  • Hybrid Hours of Operation
  • Paid Holidays – Domestic & International
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • 360 Degree Branding & Signage
  • Dynamic Layout – POS
  • Pictor Branded Decor
  • High Quality Genuine ProductsAdvertising and Marketing
  • Multi Node Customer Support


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