PT101B | Vehicle Tracker


Real-time positioning and tracking, track replaying.historical track. Position checking through text or on
Support 9-55V
Sim 800C Class 1 Stongest Gps Mmodule

Positioning and Tracking
Remote controlling oil and circuit
Memory Storage of 40,000 logs
Support 9-55V
Sim 800C Class 1 Stongest Gps Mmodule

Brand Pictor
Color Black
Vehicle Service Type Supports all types of Vehicles & Personal Tracking
Manufacturer Legevo
Production Dimensions 87.6 X 50.8  X 19.6mm
Batteries 750mAh battery
Item Model Number TK101B
Operating System IOS, Android
Mounting Hardware Device, Charging cable, Product leaflet
Item Weight 398 Grams
Warranty One Year
Country of origin India
Bulk Buying Price
Number of Unit Price
10 to 101 ₹ 1947
101 to 500 ₹ 1888
501 to 1000 ₹ 1829

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